We are specialists in maintaining and repairing both commercial and residential asphalt. We take the time to evaluate your asphalt needs and provide you with recommendations tailored to your specific situation. Our preventative maintenance programs can significantly protect and increase the life of your asphalt pavement.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is the single most cost effective asphalt maintenance procedure. All cracks, even the smallest ones, can rapidly turn into major problems. The most important reason to seal asphalt cracks is to avoid water penetration. Water seeps through cracks and leads to accelerated asphalt deterioration and possible sub-soil failure. These conditions can usually be avoided by proper maintenance and keeping all cracks sealed as they occur


Seal Coating

Seal Coating is designed to protect the asphalt pavement surface from sun oxidation, moisture penetration and the loss of surface binders that hold your asphalt pavement together. Seal Coating is critical to extending the life of your asphalt and can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Seal Coating enhances the appearance of the asphalt and seals out moisture. Seal Coating is a high performance, mineral reinforced asphalt emulsion blended with polymers and special water repelling agents for superior adhesion, flexibility and durability. Seal coating substantially reduces maintenance costs and can extend the life of asphalt pavement significantly. The cost of Seal Coating is a minor expense compared to the cost of complete asphalt replacement.

Striping / Signage / Wheel Stops

Black Gold Construction can provide complete New Striping Layouts or Re-Striping for all your traffic and parking needs.


Asphalt Patching/Pot Hole Repair

Repairing pot holes and damaged asphalt areas is critical to protecting your asphalt investment. If these failing areas are not maintained, they will rapidly become larger problems leading to costly repairs.

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Drainage Issues

Adequate drainage of your asphalt pavement is critical to prolonging the life of your asphalt investment. Poor drainage can cause potholes, cracking, surface deterioration, safety hazards and many other serious problems which can result in complete failure of your asphalt pavement. Black Gold Construction Denver will evaluate your drainage issues and recommend long term drainage solutions.


Infrared Asphalt Repair

This repair is a low cost alternative to mill and overlay or full depth asphalt repairs. Damaged asphalt areas are heated using an infrared heating chamber approximately 5′ x7′ in size. After heating the area to a workable temperature, it is scarified with a toothed rake and new hot mix asphalt material is added as needed to achieve proper grade. The area is then compacted with a 1 ½ ton vibratory roller. Infrared repairs should not be used for full depth or large pot holes, badly alligatored older asphalt, or areas with subsoil failure.


Routing Cracks before cracksealing

1. Routing creates a clean straight edge that allows a better bond of crackfill material to side walls of the crack. 2. Routing opens the crack to provide a reservoir for the crackfill material. The larger volume of crackfill material in the crack expands and contracts with the movement from temperature variations and freeze/thaw cycles. 3. Routing to the end of a crack will reduce the chance of that crack traveling farther across the paved surface. Although initial cost of crack routing is slightly higher, it can last up to five times longer than cracksealing alone.